July 20, 2011

How to Spend $300 Summer Dollars

In case you haven't noticed - summer is still hot. We're phasing into fall look books, but there are some great buys that can still get use before the colored leaves fall and crisp autumn air fills with apple cider and freshly baked pies.

Bean's Jersey Graphic Tee. Even though all 3 styles of this tee reflect Maine woodlands, they needed to throw the name Jersey in there to appeal to all of the Northeast corridor. Baxter Park.

Ralph Lauren's Mesh Polo. A little sunshine additive.

 L.L. Bean's Casco Bay Boat Shoe, perfect for Land or Sea. You can't wear these out.

 Bean's Mackworth Corduroy Short. As if cords weren't comfortable enough.

L.L. Bean's Canvas Cloth Short. Unlike this guy, untuck the shirt and have some fun.

A Rogues Gallery sale tee. At under $30, why not?

A second Rogues Gallery sale find. Unhook the mooring and adjust the sails.

Ralph Lauren. American pride.

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