June 8, 2011

My Burning House Submission

"Foster Huntington's The Burning House captivated my attention from it's first day. I've always felt prepared that in case of an emergency I could easily grab one prepared bag full of important items and be out the door with my dog, but the majority of those items are aimed solely at survival. This was something new - in the case of a fire, I would not need to "survive", but capture life's most meaningful items. Here are a few of the things I would instantly snatch up, throw in a bag, and be out the door. Items are detailed below. With these items I believe I could protect important memories and be able to survive, to some extent.

  • Collar representing my Chocolate Lab, Casco
  • Maine Guide Shirt- favorite piece of outerwear 
  • Favorite T-shirt
  • A freshly sharpened Buck knife
  • Citizen Eco-Drive watch
  • L.L. Bean travel fly pole
  • Fossilized rock from 2010 Canoe Trip with friends
  • 200 lumens 4Sevens flashlight
  • Cell
  • Favorite book of all time, We Took to the Woods
  • HD with a lifetime of photos, files, and always updated resume
  • My L.L. Bean Guide pack always loaded w/ survival gear (tent, down sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water purifier, stove, pots, etc.)
  • All-purpose Hunting Shoes.

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