June 4, 2011

Downtown Boston

Some 2010 shots around the city in which I find myself living, like it or not. I much prefer a greater tree-to-cement ratio. I find the peacefulness much higher when surrounded by things that Mother Nature intended me to be. Cars, buildings, and clothing are all beautiful things, but I do not find so much satisfaction in them as I do simple interest.

 View from above.


 Reflecting fountain. The engineering behind this perfectly level fountain over uneven ground is marvelous.
 Be green. Especially when heading to The Park.

 Of course, The Pub.

This street is marked with a plaque stating that citizens once gathered clean drinking water from where these buildings stand.

From the top of the Prudential Center.


JRS said...

Excellent shots. I especially like the Red Sox on brick.

Rhon Bell said...

Glad you like them, Jay. Boston is a great city to visit.