May 18, 2011

Waterfalls & Lean-to's

A recent extended summer weekend afforded us the opportunity to visit a more pristine portion of Baxter State Park, Lower South Branch Pond. This raw area of land, essentially untouched by human society, allows you the ability to enjoy nature in the manner intended. The crystal clear waters are ideal for summer paddling and warm enough for an evening swim before dinner over camp fire. Enjoy a few shots that I like reflecting back upon.

 Surrounded by mountain range.
 The ranger station boat - notice the water clarity.
 She felt more comfortable in my North Face Tadpole 2. Alone, I would have roughed it.
 A custom bear bag, quality or not, makes you feel better.
 Love nature.
 Blue, Green, Blue.
 Great campsite.
 Gab, near the peak of hike.
 Waterfall hike located nearby the lake.
 Fresh water gushing over smooth rock surface.

 Lunch in progress.
 Lunch being prepared in a less windy enviornment.
Pack on back of the L.L. Bean kayak. Rear weighed down by Sam Adams.


Courtney said...

Your blog makes me so nostalgic for New England. If it weren't for the long winters, I'd be a Mainer for sure.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks Cort, I like what you have started over there.