May 10, 2011

Summer Sun

Another weekend in Maine, another memory made. An afternoon shower on Saturday drove us indoors, but not for long. We meandered down to the river, capturing photos along the way. My spin rod soaked up it's first 2011 sun. (Note the lack of fish photography). 

Few of my favorite colors.

Perfect L.L. Bean patterns grab the eye.

A quick stop into the L.L. Bean home store. Freeport is just too close to I95 to not stop in.

LLB Camp Mocs & Bean Jeans.

An excited graduate.

Down by the river.

An ideal Maine wardrobe.


A.U.G. said...

Exceptional bag and the mocs are superb.

Rhon Bell said...

Thank you. Glad you're checking out my blog. Hopefully you keep coming back.