May 1, 2011

River Shots

This post is a continuation of my 2010 West Branch Canoe Trip in Maine. One of my most memorable outdoor adventures. 4 guys, 4 days, 4 bottles of whiskey, and over 40 miles. Enjoy the photos, leave a comment, and follow my blog.

Meet my good friend Peter, a Maine Guide. Information on his guide services can be found at Boot & Canoe Guide Services.

Beautiful Maine sunset, leading into a perfect evening.

MSR tents up before the campfire stew is prepared.
Flows into Chesuncook Lake, behind a few more river bends.

Slim Tim washing up dishes after dinner. Stew from a Dutch Oven is amazing.

Fly & Flask.

Whiskey Boots.

Pete sneaks in a few casts before nature casts her last shadows.

The best homemade bottled root beer, fudge and cookies you will find. You can only get here by boat.

On our last evening, Tim stands under Katahdin's watch.

Peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

Is your friend wearing the Filson Woold Whipcord pants? I've always wanted a pair of these. Any word on their durability?

Rhon Bell said...

I remember asking him and he said he got them at LL Bean, but I really have no idea which pair they are. I would like to know myself. I'll try to find out!

Anonymous said...

Rhon, thanks for the quick response. I've been reading your blog for years, for some reason, I just never commented. Please keep up the good work, your approach to the outdoors is pure and refreshing.

Rhon Bell said...

Well, thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you enjoy BWP! That's why I continue writing and photographing where I go.