May 3, 2011

L.L. Bean Style

L.L. Bean catalogs have long been the base of American Prep. The Signature line has created the bridge to a younger generation that they have been long to reach. By my judgement, they've done a fine job. This post, and others to come, will highlight a few pieces I've picked up since brand inception.

 Deep Coffee Heather.

The Signature Wool Jacket. This jacket warmed me through the New England winter. Collar stands to block wind and the warm interior fleece make this a classic.

 Pictured with 1 of the 3 Signature tees.

Great elbow pads prevent wearing. I've had elbow wear on multiple jackets.

Perfect pair of khaki's worn for a year and my favorite Collegiate hoodie. You'll catch me in this outfit on many spring and fall weekends.
The Signature logo belt has been worn since December 2010. Excellent.

 The Waxed Cotton Down Vest is a go-to choice. Great for the outdoors. Assortment of interior and exterior pockets. Warm. Classy. Water-resistant. Soft feel.
Wax & Jeans.

Downeaster Canvas Bag. I'd been in search of the perfect weekend bag. Trips to Maine always required two bags for clothes, gear, whiskey, and snacks. Problem solved.
Blues & Stone.

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