May 16, 2011

L.L. Bean Outdoor Adventure

July 4th is the All-American outdoors weekend. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere pack rolled-up flannel sleeping bags, Coleman air mattresses, and bags of marshmallows to head out and seal a few summer memories.

Avoiding cramped public campgrounds, last July we set out for an adventure in the North Maine Woods. Our Destination - a location called Deboullie (pr: Da-bull-lee), 8 hours north of Boston. Take I95 'till it runs out, drive 2 hours until you hit a dirt road and proceed slowly down it for the last bumpy hour.

As July of 2011 approaches, I want to reflect back on 2010 - only to make this one better than ever. Enjoy!

 Secluded tent site.
 Pretty Girl.
 L.L. Bean & Otter kayaks
 I call this, "Bud Light Strike!"
 The old fire tower that stood watch over the North Maine Woods still stands. A tough 2 hr hike will land you atop Deboullie Mountain.
 The first of two towers. The original (pictured above) was removed in the 1920's.
The above was taken by a fellow University of Maine graduate. You can find his blog at He takes some amazing photos. I don't think my current camera could compare.


A.U.G. said...

Exceptional Photos. Thank you for sharing.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks for the support man..