May 2, 2011

Casting Flies & Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks

I like to live a somewhat simplistic lifestyle. I'd rather own a few, or even one, really nice item than to have multiple mediocre belongings - no matter what it is. 

Prime example: this LLB mug was a gift two Christmases ago. It's a go-to item. Sentimental value aside, it's a solid and artistic piece. Morning milk, juice, coffee or something in the evening hours on the rocks.

 My fly collection thus far; containing hornbergs, muddlers, gray ghosts, and terrestrials.

 Keep a distant focus.

The opposite holds drakes, wulffs, stimulators, and caddis.

My "Outdoor Gear" room, fit with an Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock. Note the fly-fishing gear on rear wall. Gotta love exposed beams.

 Cranberry Island, ME.

 Cummins Falls, TN.


4 comments: said...

This is awesome.

Great blog man.

Backwoods Plaid said...

Thanks man. Been following your blog for a while, too. Just put a link up on my blog to yours.

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