May 2, 2011

Casting Flies & Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks

I like to live a somewhat simplistic lifestyle. I'd rather own a few, or even one, really nice item than to have multiple mediocre belongings - no matter what it is. 

Prime example: this LLB mug was a gift two Christmases ago. It's a go-to item. Sentimental value aside, it's a solid and artistic piece. Morning milk, juice, coffee or something in the evening hours on the rocks.

 My fly collection thus far; containing hornbergs, muddlers, gray ghosts, and terrestrials.

 Keep a distant focus.

The opposite holds drakes, wulffs, stimulators, and caddis.

My "Outdoor Gear" room, fit with an Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock. Note the fly-fishing gear on rear wall. Gotta love exposed beams.

 Cranberry Island, ME.

 Cummins Falls, TN.



Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

Great blog man.

Rhon Bell said...

Thanks man. Been following your blog for a while, too. Just put a link up on my blog to yours.

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