May 30, 2011

Country Grillin'

When warm weather arrives and the sun parts the clouds - it's grillin' time. Here are a few snapshots of what I slapped grill marks on this weekend.

 Home made fries and juicy BBQ chicken.

 Cheddar infused bratwursts & chicken.

 Grilled corn.

 Sweet potatoes & onions. Potato, onions & keilbasa. Cheddar bratwurst and sauerkraut.

 The delicious aforementioned combinations.

Grilled chicken burger stacked atop grilled turkey burgers.

May 25, 2011

Fishing the River

Learning to read moving water seems to be an art in itself. Understanding what the fish are feeding on appears to be a science. Mastering the fly-cast is said to be a life-long series of improvements. Although a challenge, fly-fishing has been an enjoyable hobby over the last two years and I look forward to early mornings, sunny afternoons and beautiful sunsets on the water in the future.

May 21, 2011

L.L. Bean Boots

I've owned my Maine Hunting Shoes for 6 months. Given a choice, the boots woGuld choose a different owner. They have been to hell and back. They've tromped down muddy potato field rows, been ratcheted into snowshoes, submerged multiple times in icy rivers (holding up okay, even above the neck, when tied tight), kept my feet dry on multiple ice fishing trips, experienced daily use, and been thrown about in the back of my truck and car. 

They began showing age a couple months ago with water marks and light colored wear lines on the leather. Act it or not, I care what they look like, and purchased some L.L. Bean Boot Guard for $6. Check out the before and after. I'm impressed. Let me know what you think and if you've used this wax before.



Ralph Lauren

Wednesday Oprah aired an exclusive interview with the man who is Ralph Lauren. As he sat on the deck of his Colorado ranch, spanning over 100,000 acres, full with cattle and horses, he told of his childhood, his early successes and what motivates him today at 71 years of age. An admirable beginning, as probably most will know, it all started with an idea for neck ties, ultimately sold to Bloomingdales. From that point forward he noticed voids in the market, to which he nailed every given opportunity with great success. His ideas of lifestyle, Americana, and design are fascinating. Here are a few photos...

 The man.

 RL and the wife at his ranch, Double RL.


Supreme interior design.
 He has multiple tee pees on his ranch. But they aren't regular tee pees.

They are fully furnished and outfitted better than most homes.

RL and his cattle dog.

May 18, 2011

Waterfalls & Lean-to's

A recent extended summer weekend afforded us the opportunity to visit a more pristine portion of Baxter State Park, Lower South Branch Pond. This raw area of land, essentially untouched by human society, allows you the ability to enjoy nature in the manner intended. The crystal clear waters are ideal for summer paddling and warm enough for an evening swim before dinner over camp fire. Enjoy a few shots that I like reflecting back upon.

 Surrounded by mountain range.
 The ranger station boat - notice the water clarity.
 She felt more comfortable in my North Face Tadpole 2. Alone, I would have roughed it.
 A custom bear bag, quality or not, makes you feel better.
 Love nature.
 Blue, Green, Blue.
 Great campsite.
 Gab, near the peak of hike.
 Waterfall hike located nearby the lake.
 Fresh water gushing over smooth rock surface.

 Lunch in progress.
 Lunch being prepared in a less windy enviornment.
Pack on back of the L.L. Bean kayak. Rear weighed down by Sam Adams.

May 17, 2011

Thank you

To those who visit: Thank you.

I've been at this for an amount of time I can nearly count on two hands. I thought it would take me 6 months just to be noticed by a few. I couldn't have imagined thousands of views, a few comments, and numerous emails in only a couple weeks. Posting here has helped fill a void left by city living. I hope you keep swinging by and enjoy future adventures, photos, and words. Share my blog with others!

Best regards,

May 16, 2011

L.L. Bean Outdoor Adventure

July 4th is the All-American outdoors weekend. Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere pack rolled-up flannel sleeping bags, Coleman air mattresses, and bags of marshmallows to head out and seal a few summer memories.

Avoiding cramped public campgrounds, last July we set out for an adventure in the North Maine Woods. Our Destination - a location called Deboullie (pr: Da-bull-lee), 8 hours north of Boston. Take I95 'till it runs out, drive 2 hours until you hit a dirt road and proceed slowly down it for the last bumpy hour.

As July of 2011 approaches, I want to reflect back on 2010 - only to make this one better than ever. Enjoy!

 Secluded tent site.
 Pretty Girl.
 L.L. Bean & Otter kayaks
 I call this, "Bud Light Strike!"
 The old fire tower that stood watch over the North Maine Woods still stands. A tough 2 hr hike will land you atop Deboullie Mountain.
 The first of two towers. The original (pictured above) was removed in the 1920's.
The above was taken by a fellow University of Maine graduate. You can find his blog at He takes some amazing photos. I don't think my current camera could compare.

May 14, 2011

Quick Hike

On the rare weekend I'm not home in Maine, I look for any excuse to leave Massachusetts. Today, that excuse was getting groceries taking Casco for a quick hike in New Hampshire. I searched online for local hikes before I left. Here are a few of today's shots.