April 21, 2011

Maine Exploration outside Baxter State Park

As a preface to my first post, I would like to briefly state that whatever follows this initial post will center around the outdoors, particularly Maine, and my life therein. My interests are centered on an L.L. Bean lifestyle. Enjoy!

Three friends and I ventured to Gulf Hagas, near Katahdin Iron Works, to experience what is known as the Grand Canyon of the East. With it's waterfalls collecting the chilly spring run-off in pools below, we were ready to take it all in. We were greeted at the trailhead by 8-foot snow banks. We haven't had snow in Boston for over 2 long months. We've even touched 70 degrees. 

500 yards in, we were introduced to a rapidly flowing river. The aforementioned water temperature was all but instantly numbing to sandaled feet. We decided to retrace our steps back down the tote road to the last bridge, cross and hike up the opposing riverside to where the all the glory of the trails laid in wait.

Due to the winding jut-outs of the riverbanks disrupting our bushwhacked route, we placed downed trees to bridge the gaps in the banks. If nothing less than humorous, we crawled, scooted and tight-rope walked over the temporary bridges. 3 hours into our day we decided that our wringing wet pants had chilled us enough to simply spark a safe fire atop snow-covered ground, warm our toes, have lunch and return to the truck. Here are the few photos we took along the way.

 Early breakfast of diced almonds, granola, coconut flakes, blueberries, and coconut milk
 LLB Maine Hunting Shoe and Bean Jeans by a fire
 Mother nature dropped a bridge for us
 Add in the LLB Maine Guide Shirt
On the riverbank with my chocolate lab
 One of the old blast furnaces
A Maine original - a moose

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