July 31, 2014

Click the photo below to see my latest blog post for MaineToday, a part of the largest Maine Newspaper. We show that heading camping even during a rainy weekend can be saved and fun.

July 25, 2014

Schoodic Point: The premier destination in Acadia National Park

Click the photo below to read my latest blog post for MaineToday, a part of the largest Maine Newspaper. Learn about the best spot to visit while touring America's favorite National Park.

March 12, 2014


Let's pretend it's not snowing outside today and just focus on the fact Spring is only eight days away. With that said, there is mud in ever rural driveway from here to Fort Kent, evidence that  temperatures are indeed rising, finally.  That means one thing - it's time to grab your tent, 12-pack of local brews, a lighter and head camping.  A little remaining snow on the ground is no reason to stay indoors all weekend long, even if you are a fair-weather outdoorsman. A good down sleeping bag will keep you warm at night and the afternoons will be warming up very shortly. My favorite spot to head come Spring is The Kancamagus Highway in NH. With a handful of affordable, fairly low-key and conveniently located campgrounds along the highway - you'll find an excellent spot to pop a tent without even needing a reservation ahead of time. No excuses - pick a weekend now, pack the car and go!

March 6, 2014


When you arrive to your local lake at lunch and the rest of the fishermen are leaving - that may be a bad sign for your day's fishing luck. More than likely, it's much more than a bad sign, it means you'll surely get skunked. But as they say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. Sometimes that's the case. As for me I have a manual auger and with 2+ feet of ice today, it's a more brutal, exhausting loss to have the fish avoid your bait.

As for me, I make the most of any situation. Today, I concoct a friendly game of ice bowling with our fishing party. Simple rules apply. Two shots across the ice with a full can of beer into a stack of empties. 1 point per can. First to 100 wins.

As expected, no flags today, but the scenery was beautiful and the temperatures fairly mild - a perfect day to be outdoors!

March 2, 2014


Some afternoons are better spent going slow down an old, no-trafficked country road, turning up the radio and letting the sun simply beat down onto the dash board. In my last post I took a look at a few country barns that inspired me to simplify. Below are some of the more picturesque, rustic barns I've spotted on my journeys. Each Maine country road is a beautiful place and each barn has a face behind it, a family and a story. Whether that's a farm supplying the neighborhood with produce and livestock or if it's an old barn stacked with firewood to keep a family warm this winter - everything has a story if we dare open our eyes.

February 18, 2014


Behind every barn is a story. Behind every story sits a family who raised and relied on it for their well-being. Old barns are abundant here in Maine. Seemingly every back road has a unique barn. Each used for different purposes throughout the state – to store old machinery, to house cows and livestock, to store produce or simply bales of hay. Here are a few that I've captured along the way.